St. Olaf Volunteer Network Mask Drive

In just 2 weeks, St. Olaf will be reopening for move-in and Oles will be returning to the Hill. Since St. Olaf is using a hybrid model, students will be in public spaces regularly, if not daily. 

We are launching this mask collection effort in order to ensure all students have access to reusable masks, as we begin fall semester. Although our school is providing two masks for each student, daily exposure in public spaces will necessitate students to have two or three more in the cases of wear and tear. Reusable cloth masks can be costly. Our mask drive aims to relieve a financial burden for many students as well as create a healthy stockpile to ensure that students have access to masks throughout the semester. 


  1. Make or buy reusable masks – We prefer masks with neutral colors and patterns (such as solid colors, stripes, etc.), but we can take any masks that follow the MASK GUIDELINES listed below.
  2. Fill out the MASK DONATION FORM – This form helps us get an idea of how many masks we can expect.
  3. Package the masks in sealed containers – If you are shipping the masks, pack the sealed containers into a shipping envelope or box.
  4. Send the masks to campus – If you are buying masks, you can have them shipped directly to the Office of Student Activities. (Office of Student Activities, 1500 St Olaf Avenue, Northfield, MN, 55057)
    • If you are a student, you can bring the masks to the OSA or the Volunteer Network P.O. box when you arrive on campus. 
    • If you are a parent or alumni, you can mail the masks to the Office of Student Activities at the following address: ATTN: VN Mask Drive, Office of Student Activities, 1500 St Olaf Avenue, Northfield, MN, 55057.


  • Masks must be reusable and washable
  • Masks must be new or unused
  • Masks must not include logos, political emblems, or profanity
  • Masks must be placed in a sealed container (such as a Ziploc bag)


If you would like to request a mask, please fill out the MASK REQUEST FORM. We will do our best to accommodate preferences for color and pattern.