Communication Officer


Kenzie Todd



Studio Art, Norwegian

Tell us why you are interested in this position.

Last year, I was Ellingson Hall Council President and I really enjoyed the position. I found it very rewarding to give back to the building and its community. Meeting with my fellow hall council members and my area coordinator quickly became a fun routine that I looked forward to each week. I loved planning and executing monthly events and really hope to bring that same enthusiasm to Thorson this year. I really enjoyed designing the Ellingson sweatshirts last year and I already have some really great ideas for Thorson’s hall gift this year.

Tell us what we should know about you, when considering you for this position.

I have a great amount of experience with this particular role as well as past roles similar to it. I played a major role in planning and creating the Ellingson Haunted House last year as well as many other events that went particularly well. I was also a dedicated and productive member of the Inter Hall Council of presidents last year, as we planned events such as Winter Fest, Casino Night, and the Summer Kickoff Party. I am very dedicated to my role as president and always make it a priority to be present and on time for all meetings, one-on-ones, and event preparation. I also hold myself to the standard of finishing what I start and I never intend to leave this position no matter how rough the work load does become. I truly loved this role last year and hope to regain the rank once again.

What programs would you like to see in your hall this year?

I found that the most successful events last year were those in which we offered something to the residents as they entered or exited the building. I think that similar set ups could create great success for attendance numbers and hall engagement. Events in which the residents are able to leave with something such as food, a craft, or a hall gift tend to be the most highly attended and rated.


Julie Stagg
Dance and Political Science
What do you know about the Student Senate?
the voice between the hall and the St Olaf Senate and a representative voice on Hall Council
Tell us why you are interested in this position.
I enjoy politics, discussing current issues at St. Olaf and making the community aware of these issues.
What skills/interests/etc. would you bring to this position?
I am very interested in being a liaison, with communication and awareness.
What is one thing you would like to see Senate address this year?
recognition and inclusion of Inclusive Advocates


Chiming Thao




Tell us why you are interested in this position.

I’m interested in this position because it seems like something I might want to do with my career in the future. I figured that if i am able to manage within this position, it would give me more confidence and experience in this type of work in the future.

Tell us what we should know about you, when considering you for this position.

I will do my best to make sure everyone is satisfied with my work and try to help my fellow companions as well.

What are some skills you possess that would be advantageous for managing hall finances?

I’m very organized. I’ll know where all of the money is going and how much we’ll have left. I have also taken financial accounting and am currently enrolled in managerial accounting so I know what I should be doing with the finances.

Inclusivity Advocate

Emma E Wallisch, she/her




Tell us why you are interested in this position.

Growing up gay in a very religious family, I have experienced firsthand what a lack of inclusivity can do to a person, family, and community. I never want anyone to have to live in a world where their identity is not accepted. I love the idea of this position because I would love to be a person that makes people feel welcome on campus, even if their identity is not widely accepted in the world as a whole.

Tell us what we should know about you, when considering you for this position.

I am a sophomore from St Paul, MN. I am hoping to go into medicine/medical research, but I still haven’t declared a major. I was senator for Ellingson last year, and I loved working on hall council, but I am looking forward to playing a different role in the dorm. I formed a social justice club in my freshman year of high school, and played a role very similar to that of the Inclusivity Advocate- I did hallway displays, planned events promoting inclusivity and acceptance, and worked to make my high school a more inclusive and safe space.

How do you intend on encouraging and foster an inclusive environment in your residence hall?

In everyday life, I have a zero tolerance policy for any kind of bigotry or discrimination. I am not afraid to call it out if I see it, and I will bring this active approach to the hall council in Thorson, and campus in general, as Inclusivity Advocate. I will advertise myself to the residents of Thorson as a person that they can trust and talk to if they ever experience issues involving discrimination on campus. I will also do my best to teach Thorson residents, and Oles in general, about the importance of diversity, inclusivity, and acceptance.