The SGA Taskforce Against Racism is striving towards demanding institutional change at St. Olaf College, as well as decolonizing its academia and structures, through facilitating transparency, resilience, aiming towards overcoming all forms of racism.

Exec Team

Joey Dagher – Chair

Tamira Fuentes

Atefeh Alavi

Noemi Guzman

Victoria Gutierrez

Noah Letscher

Alexa Johanningmeier

Bridget Asamoah

Sultan Khan

Sophia McMonagle

Hayli Marquette


Chris Chiappari

Jennifer Kwon Dobbs

Our Goals

  • Provide transparent information about on going procedures taken by the administration,  in lieu of institutional racism, as well as channeling said transparency through our meetings, events, blog posts etc…
  • Creating a mission driven initiative to assess the institution’s policies and actively reassess them
  • Building community through gatherings centering marginalized populations.
  • Organizing small and large scale projects such as exterior and interior assessments of the college, in addition to ethnographic research based at St. Olaf.
  • Demanding intersectional, life-sustaining administrative changes in policy and procedures regarding serving students of color on the hill.
  • Creating efforts towards building an equitable and socially just community alongside working towards systemic changes on campus.

Upcoming Events

  • ORACE Alumni panel ‘77 ‘89 ‘88
  • Decolonization workshops
  • Administering Equity Audits
  • Student of color gatherings.
  • Creative Resistance Hallway display