About the Student Organizations Committee

SOC is a branch of SGA that funds and recognizes clubs, making them official student organizations at St. Olaf. Student organizations can apply to SOC for funding for their events, speakers, equipment, etc–basically if they want to do something spectacular SOC can try and help. Student organizations can also use the poster room to create publicity for their organizations. We help to put the resources of the college behind the organizations so they can go out and do what they love to do. You can direct any questions to Claire Shaw soccoordinator@stolaf.edu or shaw6@stolaf.edu or come meet her in person at the Office of Student Activities. Claire's office hours this semester are Tuesdays: 1:15 pm - 2:45 pm, and Thursdays: 11:00 am - 12:30 pm.

So you would like to start an organization?

  1. Have a student organization. Get a group of people together, and start having meetings–in your dorm room, over dinner, or anywhere you can find. You’ll need a group of interested and passionate people to have a successful organization.

  2. Make sure you have SEVEN members. You’ll need a minimum of seven to be approved by SOC.

  3. Find a faculty/staff advisor. This person can be anyone who shares your passion or interest in your organization.

  4. Fill out the appropriate recognition form below. If your organization is something that will stick around for years, fill out the “Organization Recognition Petition.” If you only plan to do a temporary project, fill out the “Temporary Project Recognition.” Part of the “Organization Recognition Petition” is creating a detailed constitution. Please read the instructions for your constitution included in the form. Your constitution MUST have a very clear non-discrimination clause.

  5. Click here to fill out the Organization Recognition Petition.

  6. Click here to fill out the Temporary Project Recognition Petition.

  7. Wait for an email from SOC. We will schedule an appointment slot at our meeting with you. All of our appointments are on Tuesday afternoons starting at 3:00.

  8. Come to your meeting. It should be about five minutes. It’s just a chance for us to ask some clarifying questions and hear more information from you personally.

  9. Get a response from SOC! We make all of our decisions at the time of your appointment. If recognized, Claire will send you an email with more detials about being an organization on campus.


Have questions about how to get something done? Interested in learning more about the many resources available to student organizations? Then you are in the right spot!

Contact Us

Office Hours || Tuesday: 1:15-2:45PM; Thursday: 11-12:30PM