The SGA Taskforce on Anti-Racism (STAR) is a senate initiative striving to mitigate institutional racism and destigmatize the portrayal of race at St. Olaf.

Lilia Martinez
Sophie McMonagle
Atefeh Alavi (liason)
Sultan Shahjalal




STAR had the opportunity to move forward with the events that the task force was working on since the beginning of the fall semester, below is the list of the events that STAR organized/ co-organized:

  • Tabling for collecting student voices on changes in the Taylor Center: “What are your thoughts on the recent changes to CMIE transforming into the Taylor Center?”
  • Hallway display: A visual representations of the lack of conversation surrounding Institutional Racism on campus
  • Resisting Creatively: A Gathering of Palestinian Voice and Poetry , Collaboration with multiple student orgenizations, deparments, and Intersectionality honor house. Description of the event: “Dark money is not limited to political campaigns. Its influence can be seen on college campuses. It threatens the very premise of the liberal arts founded on critical thought and engaged scholarship. How do we as a liberal arts college defend against its increasing influence and visibility?  You are invited to consider this question and think about means to defend the promise of the liberal arts. Our event inaugurates a series of events. Palestine will be our first topic. Through curated readings and other forms of expression performed by St. Olaf College students, you are invited to think of Palestine a specific case that mobilizes illiberal doxa: race, nation, and Empire.” 
  • Tabling on MLK day with the topic of :“Peaceful Protesting is Not The Solution | Change My Mind” provided an information sheet with the events that happened/happening both nationally and internationally
  • STAR and PAC collaboration on bringing Andrea Jenkins to campus as part of the black history month: Asking CVP Jenkins to join us and talk about her experience as a trans woman in politics and during the current political climate. 

Some of our future events include the following:

  • Martin Olague, St. Olaf Alumni: We are excited to invite Martin Olague to campus to provide a workshop for St. Olaf students, faculty, and staff to learn about prejudice, bias, and creative assembly. 
  • ORACE Oles For Racial Awareness: An Alumni and student panel speaking on the experiences of Alumni and current students on campus regarding bias, institutional racism, and microaggressions. Additionally, the students and alumni initiatives
  • Equity Audit: We are looking into working with Rankin & Associates Consulting to carry out an equity audit on campus as a sustainable process starting this semester and be continued to next year as a sustainable project.