Hey Oles!

SGA Senate recently passed a resolution supporting a student-led initiative for curricular change at St. Olaf! In September, Senate was approached by a group of students concerned about aspects of St. Olaf’s curriculum, specifically the MCG and MCD requirements. These students sought Senate’s support in their effort to work towards curricular change through the Curriculum Committee and other relevant stakeholders. The Senate voted in favor of acknowledging gaps in St. Olaf’s curriculum, recognizing the need to begin a conversation about renewing the GEs, specifically the MCD and MCG requirements, and supporting the student group in their efforts to achieve this goal. If you have thoughts, comments, ideas, or concerns about this initiative, please email Curriculum Senator, Olivia Slack at slacko@stolaf.edu or Student Curriculum Initiative leader Sam Adams at adamssc@stolaf.edu

For general Senate questions, please email SGA Vice President, Nick Stumo-Langer at stumolan@stolaf.edu.