Maintains and updates SGA’s governing documents.

Finn B Johnson (chair)
Becca Person
Sam Brunclik
Kassidy Korbitz
Keara Bores


1) Fix the Constitution: because it has guarantees that SGA cannot legally fulfill. 

2) Hold efficient and productive meetings that fulfill the duties assigned to bylaws.

3) Ensure that proposals that reach senate are ready for discussion on the Senate floor.


Over the course of this academic year, Bylaws Committee has provided support for both the Chair of Senate and select Executive Officers with regards to drafting and polishing senate proposals. We have helped revise for formatting-consistency, meaning-coherency as well as provided brainstorming help. Our most notable task over the course of the year was the assistance we provided for proposals for restructuring the Capital Improvements fund. We have also helped review specific proposals regarding observer regulations during senate meeting, as well as a proposal regarding senate vacancies.

For the remainder of the year, we plan to work on ensuring that there are no sunset clauses, which are dates that either no longer apply and should be removed or dates that are used every year and require a new proposal. Bylaws will also reach out to senate as a body and invite people interested in creating policy proposals to come brainstorm or discuss their proposal ideas at Bylaws meetings. We will also continue to hold ourselves to the standards we set during the beginning of the year–regarding our commitment to the efficiency and quality of the work we do. We will also continue to have fun!