Communication Officer

Adrienne Wessel



Biology and Religion

Tell us why you are interested in this position.

I want to help foster a dorm community and to help create enticing hall events to bring together individuals of all different backgrounds. I want to use my interest in communication and design to help others to grow in their love of St. Olaf and each other.

Tell us what we should know about you, when considering you for this position.

I have been on residence life staff for one year plus one interim, so I know how to work with hall staff and residents. I also, through my research, have experience preparing presentations and posters. In addition, I am music coordinator at First English Lutheran Church, so I have made flyers, sent out emails, and made planning playlists for those programs. I am very friendly and outgoing, and love meeting new people and collaborating with others. I also love to draw in those who feel looked over. I am also very responsible and organized.

How would you ensure that residents are well-informed and involved in hall initiatives and programming?

I would ensure residents are well-informed by sending fun emails in advance and day of, I would make google calendar events, including notifications to remind people, and I would make posters using Canva to advertise to anyone who enters the hall.


Ghazal Ramazanian



Premed, Psychology, Neuroscience concentration

Tell us why you are interested in this position.

During the first year of college here at St. Olaf, I lived in Kildahl and was selected as the hall’s Communications Officer. Hall Council was one of the most memorable and enjoyable parts of living in Kildahl; The team (including Ms. Marchino, Rand’s current Area Coordinator) got closer as the year went by, while seeing successful results and higher engagement from the residents motivated us all to put in more effort to create more engaging, inclusive activities for all residents. Although I enjoyed my role in taking meeting minutes, making the posters for events, and writing emails, I noticed that the role of the president was more suiting to my personality, especially when it comes to a larger hall like Rand, which has made major improvements, and still has room for so much more.

Tell us what we should know about you, when considering you for this position.

As an international student, life circumstances included moving and switching schools every year or two years. The constant moving forced me to learn to adapt to new circumstances at a very young age. Additionally, It teaches you to be approachable and develop interpersonal skills, as you have always been the “new kid” that had to approach other students first in order to make friends. It is important for the president to be in contact with most of the residents in order to ensure that all issues and concerns of the residents are addressed for an overall better quality of living in Rand hall.

What programs would you like to see in your hall this year?

Rand hall is one of the largest dorms on campus, and the residents are from different class years. Additionally, due to the existence of multiple hang out areas/ study rooms, most residents do not interact with each other, when compared to smaller dorms. I would like to implement programs that would be suited to the residents’ interests (through polls and surveys) while being aware of the times most residents are available and don’t have scheduling conflicts with other events happening on campus.

Bio premed

Tell us why you are interested in this position.
I am want to be the next hall president because I want uphold what the title signifies to the people that live in the dorm. For my entire first year living on campus I did not once meet or see my hall president. On the off chance I actually went to a hall event, still non existent. Coming into Rand I knew I wanted to be the next hall president and I knew how I wanted to uphold the position. Being able to walk around the dorm to be an ear and to be an ambassador between residents who wanted things done and the team that could make it happen.
Tell us what we should know about you, when considering you for this position.
First off, I’m genuinely super excited to be running for hall president. I feel as though a lot of people do it for the resume and really put in minimal effort to just coast by their term. For me, I honestly would like to give it a shot because I know given the people’s votes, I can do things a little bit better. I also know from past hall council members, a majority of them try to juggle hall duties with four other on campus leadership roles. It’s a balancing act that leads to some sort of sacrifice. With me that won’t be an issue. I’ve managed my schedule this year with the intentions of being able to take on the full force of what is required of a hall president.
What programs would you like to see in your hall this year?
Rand Movie Nights
Lawn Parties in connection with neighboring dorms
Treasure hunts( similar to Easter egg but with better prizes)
Pot luck night
S’more next to the dorm fireplace

Liv Swenson


Psychology & Dance

Tell us why you are interested in this position. I am interested in being Rand’s Hall Council President because I want to represent the best hall and the best people to the IHC. I look forward to building community within the hall and improving the hall itself by pushing for installing filtered water bottle fillers and opening the corner doors which are currently locked from the outside.

Tell us what we should know about you, when considering you for this position.

With my experience being an RA, Transfer Counselor, as well as being on the Hall Council Committee, I am well-versed in advocating for my peers. I am excited to be a leader for the dorm and someone approachable for residents to talk to about Hall concerns.

What programs would you like to see in your hall this year?

I have a ton of all-hall program ideas for this year. Some of these include a ‘Pumpkin Carving Contest’ around Halloween, an ‘All-Hall Friendsgiving’ around Thanksgiving, ‘Palentine’s’ the day after Valentines Day, and my favorite, ‘Sundaes on Sundays’. I am also interested in hearing ideas that residents might suggest!


River Gerding




What do you know about the Student Senate?

I know that the St. Olaf student senate is an important institution on campus and has a large degree of latitude in terms of the issues it is able to address

Tell us why you are interested in this position.

I am interested in this decision because I think it would be interesting to be involved in St. Olaf student government and desirable to make a positive impact on the campus.

What skills/interests/etc. would you bring to this position?

I think I am a good listener and have analytical abilities that could allow me to address issues at St. Olaf from a nuanced perspective.

What is one thing you would like to see Senate address this year?

I think environmental issues around campus are some of the most important for senate to address.


Sam Song




Tell us why you are interested in this position.

First of all, I am really happy to be part of Rand Hall residents this year. I have a strong feeling that Rand Hall will be my home for the next two years as well. On that account, I would like to start contributing myself to the needs of friends, staffs, and residents in Rand Hall from this year. I think Hall Treasurer is a perfect position for me to take the first step as a member of Hall Council this year. I want to exercise my skill with developing budgeting plans and maintaining financial records through this position. I am really excited to learn more, meet more people, and grow more as I will be carrying out my job throughout the year. Lastly, I also believe that this opportunity will certainly help me find my interest in the career path for the future.

Tell us what we should know about you, when considering you for this position.

As a co-worker, I think I am quite an approachable person. I love meeting new people, being friends with them, and working with them.
Also, I hope my optimistic personality will give positive energy to people around me, and make them smile more. In addition to that, I value
the fact that every single person is different and has various personalities, so I deal with anyone without discrimination or bias but with open-mindedness and respect. I do not have a lot of experience as a treasure, but I have managed a student budget when I was in high school. 
It was a small budget, but I was in charge of planning how much to spend on each event or item as well as reporting financial records to teachers at the end of the semester. I remember that I have done my job successfully throughout the year and it was a great year to have learned
and gained some financial experiences.

What are some skills you possess that would be advantageous for managing hall finances?

To manage Rand Hall finances:
I have experience of the financial planning and budgeting, if not a large amount of money, in high school.
I will be careful and detail-oriented.
I will be able to explain anything about the financial record if someone asks me.
I will be punctual in all the meeting, developing a budgeting plan, and submitting financial records.
I will be trustworthy all the time.

Inclusivity Advocate

Dezzy Newell
Tell us why you are interested in this position.
I try hard in my daily life to make sure the language I use and the actions I take are compassionate and understanding. It’s important to realize that not everyone is from the same community and/or background as you and this directly affects the way we move in this world.
Tell us what we should know about you, when considering you for this position.
I work hard and I am dedicated to all of my jobs I commit to. This is especially important to me being a black queer womxn with a mental illness. People not understanding or agreeing with many of my identities has possed and created a lot of unnecessary stress and hurdles that I constantly have to get over. I will try my hardest to take away as many hurdles as I can for people no matter what community(es) they may identify.
How do you intend on encouraging and foster an inclusive environment in your residence hall?
When events are held, making sure food/drinks, language, location, and other things we may need to take into consideration are inclusive and including the needs of our residents. Reaching out through surveys and questionnaires directly to the residents so they can say specifically what their personal needs are and how we can take steps to ensure it’s a safe and comfortable environment for them.