Political Awareness Committee 2016-17


PAC Coordinator


Eden Faure ’17, is the coordinator of PAC and is originally from Pasadena, California. She is a Political Science and Asian Studies major, with a concentration in China Studies. Besides knowing this vast amount of knowledge, she can also tie a cherry stem with her tongue. She can be reached at fauree@stolaf.edu.

PoliticOle Editor



Matthew Bourque ’19, editor of the PoliticOle, is from South China, Maine. He is majoring in political science and possibly education. When he is not intrigued by the inner workings of politics, especially Eurasian politics, he is out running. To contact or submit blog posts, e-mail him at bourqu1@stolaf.edu.

Campus Outreach Coordinators

Kyle Wilmar

Kyle Wilmar ’17, is a Political Science major from Hastings, Minnesota. He has been involved in local politics since he could vote. He is the precinct chair for Vermilion township (serving second term) and member of Senate District 58 central planning committee for the DFL. Once, as a delegate to the state convention, he lived in his car for the weekend. “But, at the convention Al Fraken said he liked my suit. So, it was worth living in a car for a weekend.” To hear more about this amazing individual, contact him at wilmar@stolaf.edu.



Community Engagement Coordinators


Jacqueline Molina ’17, hails from Chicago, Illinois. She is currently a Race and Ethnic Studies major, with a concentration in Education. She loves cats, and The Middle, and often makes awkward noises when she hurts herself. She blames her cats for this influence. To hear more about this awesome person, you can contact her at molina@stolaf.edu.
Kathryn Hinderacker ’19, is from Apple Valley, Minnesota. She plans to major in Political Science with a concentration in Media Studies. She has been involved in politics for most of her life and it is a huge passion of hers. When she was three she met Mikhail Gorbachev and was on the front page of the Star Tribune for it! To hear more about this local celebrity, contact her at hinder1@stolaf.edu.
Marketing and Communications Officer
Abby Olson ’19 is a Minnesota native from Minnetonka. She plans on majoring in Sociology/Anthropology while satisfying her deep love for Chobani. She can be reached at olson6@stolaf.edu.