Gift Certificates

  • Looking for a fun prize to give out for an event, raffle, or some other campus event? We've got just the thing!

    Fill out this form to order Pause gift certificates!

    Orders submitted by Wednesday at 7:00 pm will be ready to be picked up and paid for on Friday of that week. Gift certificates can be paid for with cash or department card and must be paid for at the time of pick up.

    The following types of gift certificates are available. Prices are as indicated.
    -one large pizza ($9.75)
    -one large specialty pizza ($11.75)
    -one small pizza ($6.50)
    -one small specialty pizza ($8.50)
    -one cookie ($1.00)
    -two cookies ($1.75)
    -one ice cream cup or cone ($1.25)
    -one cookie and ice cream ($2.25)
    -one small shake ($1.50)
    -one large shake ($3.00)
    -one pita pizza ($3.00)
    -one pizza bagel ($3.00)
    -one combo deal ($3.75)
  • If you would like more than two types of certificates, please submit an additional form.