What is the Lilia Martinez and Nouf Said Al-Masrafi Library? 

Lilia Martinez and Nouf S. Al-Masrafi were the former PAC Coordinators during the 2018-2019 school year. Under their leadership, they have centered accessibility, creativity, and story-telling at the heart of their politics and communities. This video library was created to share free videos through the lens of intersectionality, abolition, and self education. This video library contains a list of documentaries, films, slam poetry, interviews, audio books, and educational videos.

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Note: We are working to have the links go directly to the video. In the meantime, please copy and paste the link(s). Image is done by @bbyanarchists on Instagram and Twitter.


  • Ghassan Kanafani – https://youtu.be/3h_drCmG2iM


  • Dakota 38 – https://youtu.be/1pX6FBSUyQI


  • Safia Elhillo – https://youtu.be/kfKDBlK3EwQ


  • Arundhati Roy – https://youtu.be/NkdWnORpjQI
  • Haymarket Books, Arundhati Roy, and Naomi Klein – https://youtu.be/w0NY1_73mHY

Audiobooks/Book Discussions

  • Noname Book Club (Assata/May 2020) – https://youtu.be/QgwRb61wZ4Y