*candidates are in the order applications were submitted*

Tristan Voegeli

he/him/his ’19

To bring in thoughtful and engaging speakers. To not have conversations for conversations sake, but rather to increase dialogue that can help us address the problems of today. Lastly, to utilize PAC to get students in touch with political activism in the area.

-Campus Fellow with the Minnesota Youth Collective
-3 year President of the College Democrats
-Internship with the Norwegian Labor Party
-Multiple years in grassroots political organizing

Ian Rollo 

Finance Violation – No budget turned in

he/him/his ’19


The Student Governmental Association of St. Olaf is in dire need of change. Student Government currently serves the administration, rather than the students of the college, a reality that undercuts the very goals SGA is seeking to accomplish. That is why I am advocating for the conversion of SGA into a student union— a body with the primary task of representing the interests of students in matters involving the administration or faculty. To implement the spirit of this change, I am proposing the following platform for my candidacy in this special election. I will seek to increase transparency in our spending, help to clarify the role of implicit bias in decision-making within PAC, and, most importantly, I will use this position to amplify the voices of women, People of Color, LGBTQIA people, international students, and all other members of our community whose voices are often alienated or simply go unheard.

1. Seek to promote voices of communities that have been underrepresented at this college. During the spring semester, I am committed to bringing a speaker to address the experience of being disabled in politics, as well as a speaker from either the Dakota or Ho Chunk tribes to discuss the fact that our college was founded on stolen land.

1. On a twice-monthly basis, promote campaigns and events to foster grassroots activism and party-independent methods of political organization.

2. Require all PAC officials to take implicit bias tests upon appointment to a PAC position, as well as at the beginning of every semester/interim thereafter. Moreover, we will require all PAC officials to participate in sustained dialogue training at the outset of their appointment.

1. We will work towards creating a political environment wherein commitments and biases are always made clear. As such, time and resources will navigate in a manner, more focused on equality, better emphasizing universal/collective representation, and fully respectful of the varied identities held, and material conditions faced, by students and their political commitments.

3. Institute biweekly public forums at PAC meetings to assess student interests and political concerns, giving the general student body an opportunity to field questions to, as well as interact with, their representative in PAC. 

1. The above measure (3), will lead PAC to realizing the following goals:

1. Counteracting hegemony and established institutional power dynamics by specifically promoting the incorporation of marginalized voices and underrepresented groups.

2. Fostering a safe and productive environment, while at the same time realizing as inclusive a scope of political engagement possible.

3. Promoting a political culture of collective opportunity on campus, so all students who wish to speak are heard, and the content of their statements are substantially addressed by those in positions of power.

4. Actively engage and communicate with the student body in the process of coordinating speakers and allocating funds, allowing input and suggestion to be made by all.

1. Publicly release all official PAC budgetary and spending documentation.

5. Seek to emphasize social/political intersectionality by creating opportunities for collaboration with, and promotion of, other student-run entities and organizations on campus (e.g. “SARN”, “It’s On Us”,  “The Collective for Change on the Hill”, “Greater Than Campaign”, “CMIE”, “Wellness Center”, etc.)

1. We will better position PAC to be a resource to assist any given student organization (such as those listed above) in funding a desired venture, or in creating awareness for a given issue.

6. Make all PAC officials accessible via designated ‘office hours’, the times and dates of which will be publicly posted on their respective member profiles.

7. In the event that a substantive and exceptional political issue or event places the political sentiment of the student body, or a committed subsection thereof, in opposition to the interests, or stated position, of an administrative body or bureaucratic group  (i.e. Dean’s offices, The President’s Office, The Board of Regents, Public Safety, SGA, The Institute for Freedom and Community, Academic Departments, etc.), PAC will provide all possible support, resources, and available funds to the interests of the students, in order to support their collective action and maintain our commitment to promotion of student interests.

President of the New Left,
Hill/Kit Treasurer 2016.

Nouf AL-Masrafi

Campaign Violation – Unable to campaign using official class aliases

she/her/hers ’19

I fell in love with PAC since my first year. Going to Dolores Clara Fernández Huerta’s and Angela Davis’s talks, I walked out feeling so inspired and ready to do my best in this world. The following semester, I decided to join this group who is in charge of bringing such phenomenal speakers to our community. I want to continue bringing this joyous and hopeful feeling to other Oles. Since I joined PAC, I have enjoyed every aspect of it. As the Marketing and Communications officer, I definitely was involved in more than marketing the events we put up (my PAC peers can attest to that!). I have spent most of my time at Olaf serving on PAC and I hope to continue serving the broader St. Olaf community through leading the Political Awareness Committee this Spring. I want to ensure that everyone on campus feels heard and seen through the events that we organize and through the speakers we invite. Everyone from our community will have a seat on the table.

In my sophomore year, I served on Senate as the Student Life Senator. I was an active member of Sustained Dialogue, Karibu and the Arab Cultural Association prior to joining PAC as the Marketing and Communications Officer. Currently, I am a SARN advocate and a member of the intersectionality house. I look forward to continue my work in PAC with more responsibilities and possibilities for our community.