Welcome to the Hill! This will be your homepage for all student-run (SGA) orientation events! You are currently browsing Oleville, the hub for all Student Government Association branches. These branches have been working hard to organize some excellent events for y’all so continue down this page to learn more!


First things first. We know you want in. Or at least, you know someone that does. Well, we got a great opportunity for you visionaries, RUN FOR SENATE. Elections are this fall so its never too early to begin expressing interest! Click the button above to learn more. YOU CAN BE CHANGE EVEN IF YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS YET.

Flex the right side of your brain. The Volunteer Network is putting on three creativity based competitions. Try to redesign the SGA logo, recreate it with physical objects, or submit your dorm design to win prizes! Submissions are open now and will be open through all of your orientation! Check out the VN link on Oleville home for more information, or click on the current logo above to submit a design!

Spotify Playlists

Here are THREE SPOTIFY PLAYLISTS. The first one is called Big Hill Collab. This playlist is collaborative and IT CAN BE GREAT if you guys want to add to it. One of my favorite things about college has been collaborating with my friends for a new music taste. so check the first playlist out. Theres only one song on it as of now, and I’m sure youve heard it before!


If ya looking for some music that’s already been curated, look no further. Here are two playlists curated by the CTO and the MCD. Submit your own if you wanna share!

https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0BVNVM7tKEHl0frlNpi1cC?si=tXGM3lB4RN61ipNfoDZcjw https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3Zalv73vWQt4nlENMLAPEI?si=Kv8GZNfTTMSJXZTwBGfy8w

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Event Archive. Keep scrolling if you want to see what type of events our SGA branches came up with for New Student Orientation!


Diversity Initiatives Support Committee
Student Orgs Committee


Remember those days when your teacher was too lazy to plan anything more than a class Kahoot? Well, I am here to tell you that just because you are no longer in high school, does not mean you will no longer be able to participate in the fast-paced, competitive, trivia game that swept the nation. Also our DISC and SOC branches are anything but lazy. Don’t miss this event MONDAY AUGUST 17TH @1PM!!! Here is the ZOOM LINK.

Student Activities Committee
After Dark Committee

Ya like films??

MOVIE NIGHT! A student activity? At night? Who is in charge of those? This time its a joint effort with our SAC (Student Activities Committee) and ADC (After Dark Committee). Join us on MONDAY NIGHT TO REMOTELY WATCH A MOVIE. The movies will be hosted through a streaming platform found here. Check it out whenever, (free Netflix!) In the meantime, check out what your fun providers are up to by Clicking their Logo.


whOLE guacamOLE

Join our SGA PRESIDENT MELIE EKUNNO for the inaugural event of her new weekly podcast radio show. This event will take place on Instagram Live and Melie will facilitate a conversation with a broad array of Oles discussing the varied nature of the shared experience of being an Ole. What does being an Ole mean to you? Make sure you don’t miss this one, Tuesday at 1:00PM!! Here’s that insta


DO YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE? Don’t worry, we don’t expect you to, yet. On TUESDAY AUGUST 18TH AT 7:45PM our exec team will be hosting a live Instagram trivia event. If you win this event, YOU WIN PRIZES. Since we don’t expect you to know everything yet, we have conveniently hidden all of the questions and answers on this website. Hint, they are where you think they are o_O Until then, see if you can find the right Instagram account to follow!!


Music and Entertainment Committee
Political Awareness Committee


Have you been scrolling TikTok endlessly this summer? Are you trying to learn the many dance challenges? Are you ready to go from WATCHING to DOING? Now’s the time to try a dance challenge with a little help from SGA Execs! Our next event is a collaborative event hosted by your own PAC (Political Awareness Committee) and MEC (Music and Entertainment Committee). On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON at 2pm. Here’s the link. Until then, Check out both branches and their work. Looking for some good reads. Find PAC’s AWAKENING LIBRARY full free versions of the most important literature EVER! Click on either logo above this text to find their homepage!

“You miss 100% of the moons you don’t look at.”

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