Hello St. Olaf! For every week of this semester, a member of our committee will be curating a playlist that drops every Thursday.

This week’s playlist —Songs for Walking and Thinking — has been curated by Meaghan Silvernagel! Keep reading to find out what Meaghan has to say about her playlist and to check it out!

Do you ever find yourself walking to class and the sound of the wind, skateboard wheels on cement and chattering of others begins to distract you from your inward dialogue on the problem of humanity? Trying to assess an existential crisis but the sound of that crow just cant get you in the mood? Well plug in, immerse yourself in the music and let your thoughts wander. This playlist is perfect for slow, introspective walks to the caf, down Old Main hill and from the bathroom that will make you question the meaning of life. But don’t think too hard. Let your thoughts come and go, and let your mind escape the fact that you are just a cog in a suffocating machine we call institutionalized education. Enjoy!