Hello St. Olaf! For every week of this semester, a member of our committee will be curating a playlist that drops every Thursday.

This week’s playlist —f*cking up! — has been curated by Lindsey Bertsch. Keep reading to find out what Lindsey has to say about her playlist and to check it out!


my name is lindsey i screw up on occasion (often), and this is a playlist about that! sometimes, mistakes are fine and you’re the only one obsessing over it. there’s songs for that on here. other times, your mistakes are bigger and you do a whole lot of self pitying because that’s just a thing people do and it’s dumb but we do it anyway. there’s songs for that too! then there’s songs for being really, really, truly deeply sorry to people you hurt. there are songs for being forgiven, and for not. some songs are straight up about regret. which is sad. but it’ll be ok! hopefully! the last song is happy! if you don’t want to listen to the entire bittersweet sixteen, the final four are probably the best (spoiler alert?)

so anyway thanks