Hello St. Olaf! For every week of this semester, a member of our committee will be curating a playlist that drops every Thursday.

This week’s playlist —Dick Cheney is a robot, gothic fonts — has been curated by Nick Larson. Keep reading to find out what Nick has to say about her playlist and to check it out!

War profiteering, Dick Cheney is a robot, gothic fonts, orthographic view, everything is selected, hit A, hit B, up, down, up, down, left, disco dance party, its never bedtime, limited visibility in rain storms, why is nobody talking about the cage raising their coffee prices, 2016 music, faces, edges, vertex points, Boris Yeltsin wasn’t effective, Authoritarian Corporatism, eduroam, FDT, something for everybody, mashup mesh objects, digital realm, when we break through walls that doesn’t fly, as fun as it is to pretend try to apply the basic laws of physics, give me your eyes, that’s totally impossible, man that’s funky, the inside has become the outside, just watch out, be safe, start again.