SGA Senate approved a student-developed curriculum initiative last semester aimed at reforming the MCD and MCG general education requirements at St. Olaf. These students approached the faculty Curriculum Committee and SGA’s representative on the committee with concerns about the language in the MCD and MCG requirements not being up to date with current research and theory. They brought their concerns to Senate in the form of a resolution and Senate passed the resolution, affirming its support for the students’ push to reexamine and reevaluate these two general education requirements.

After that, the proposal went to the faculty Curriculum Committee, which took the proposal extremely seriously. The Committee developed two ad-hoc committees, one for each of the MCD and MCG requirements, charged with evaluating the GEs and reporting back to the Curriculum Committee later in the school year. Students from the original group sat on each of these ad-hoc committees, so student input was ensured. Within the last few weeks, the MCD committee reported back to the Curriculum Committee with concrete recommendations for how to change the language in the MCD requirement as well as a coherent plan for how to evaluate each course that currently offers the requirement. We are still waiting on final outcomes from the MCG committee.

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