More detailed descriptions of each position can be found here: IHC Hall Council Policy Manual 


Hall Communications Officer

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Create and distribute marketing of hall programming/initiatives within the hall.
  2. Issue meeting minutes after each meeting to the Hall Council members.
  3. Submit Program Evaluation after each event to the Office of Residence Life
  4. Create an End of the Year Report. Following the completion of each event, the Communications Officer shall create a page in the End of the Year Report
  5. Meet monthly with the Advisor.

Hall Treasurer

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Maintain all financial records and oversee expenditures for the Hall Council.
  2. Develop budgeting plan for monthly events and end of semester Food For Finals.
  3. Submit monthly financial records on Hall Council Budget Tracker.
  4. Meet monthly with the Advisor to complete budget audits.
  5. Work with the HC for Hall Gift organization and collection of donations.

Hall Senator

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Actively seek and relay concerns/views of residents to weekly Senate meetings.
  2. Relay information from the Senate to the Hall Council about activities concerning the hall and campus.
  3. Utilize hall council meetings to actively engage and relay information pertinent to the residence hall and greater St. Olaf community.
  4. Develop effective strategies to understand the needs and concerns of hall constituents (ie. Instagram polls, poster boards, lobby tabling).
  5. Meet monthly with the Advisor.

See SGA Constitution for additional responsibilities (~5hrs/wk).

Hall President

Responsibilities Include:

  1. Run the Hall Council meeting in their building and select a proxy if necessary. 
  2. Craft agendas for weekly meetings with the Hall Council.
  3. Attend weekly meetings with the Advisor. 
  4. Attend and provide a voice for residents at weekly IHC meetings.
  5. Develop a strong HC team by facilitating icebreakers/team building activities throughout the year.
  6. Facilitate the creation of a Hall Council vision and programming plan.

Hall Inclusivity Advocate

Responsibilities Include:

●      Advocate for campus-wide policy and programming to ensure residents are provided with an equitable, inclusive and welcoming environment with opportunities to engage in the community.
1.  Implement Annual Inclusivity Week (April 6-10th, 2020)
2.    Help plan and promote inclusive programs by hall council
3.     Help be a diversity resource for hall residents
4.     Provide leadership to the hall council in the area of inclusive language and learning.
●      Meet regularly (usually each week) with other IAs on campus and the IA Advisor
●      Serve on one of five IA committees (IA Student Chair, IA Week, IA Social Media and Communications, IA Treasurer, IA IHC/SGA liaison.)
●      Attend ongoing campus trainings to assist personal understanding of social identities and student needs on campus (I.e. Sustained Dialogue, IA retreat in spring semester, Posse Retreat, faculty workshops, webinars, etc.)
●      Facilitate opportunities for outreach and/or service to the larger campus and Northfield communities.
1.     Connect with local non-profit organizations
2.     Connect with other service and outreach student organizations
3.     Implementation of a learning or service event for Hall in spring semester