As Gender and Sexuality Senator I hope to focus my term on collaborating with other Senators and the Inter Campus Liaisons to advocate and promote LGBTQIA+ community here at St. Olaf and in the greater Northfield Community. As G&S Senator I hope to continuously be a voice for the desires of LGBTQIA+ folxs and increase the visibility, acceptance, and awareness of this group on campus. The most important goal of my time as a Senator would be to help in supporting LGBTQIA+ aligned students craft support networks here on campus and in Northfield. Specifically, I would like to spend my time in SGA focusing on the following initiatives:

  • Work with St. Olaf faculty and staff to increase the visibility of LGBTQIA+ adults on campus through connection and support events. 
  • Collaborate with the Intercampus Liaisons to support LGBTQIA+ aligned events that aim to bring Oles and Carls together to build greater community. 
  • Advocate that the City of Northfield and Carleton College work with St. Olaf to craft events that connect LGBTQIA+ students with older adult LGBTQIA+ mentors through meals, games, athletics and the arts. 
  • Continue to call for increased mental health support services here at St. Olaf — the work must not stop with the findings from last year’s working group. Rather they must continue to evolve in an effort to support all students in being comfortable with their identities during this transitional period of life.


As a non-white international student at St. Olaf, I understand the pain of having very little and inaccurate representation of one’s own identity and narratives, and the pain of always having to be marked as “the others” on campus. I want to break down that us vs. them dichotomy. Specifically, as the Gender and Sexuality senator and an ally with a background in Gender Studies, I want to make sure that I support creating more sustainable support system and spaces for LGBTQIA+ individuals as well as to support ending the divides and gate-keeping happening around many identity categories on campus. 

As to the list of initiatives that I want to pursue in my position as a senator, to be frank, I don’t know yet. I heard about the ongoing discussion about creating a house for LGBTQIA+ students. I think that’s a great idea in terms of creating a space which some individuals, whose voices weren’t heard enough at St. Olaf before, can find safe and more comfortable. I was thinking more like making a dorm floor or entire dorm where LGBTQIA+ people can feel safe and more home instead of just a house for a couple people. But honestly, being away from campus for more than six months and not engaging with actual people who created this conversation, I don’t think I have the best idea and I would like to be allowed to have dialogue and discuss more in the future.