Claire Shaw


Explain why you are interested in this position:
I want to be the SOC Coordinator because this past year, I have seen all the amazing events, trips, and conferences that SOC funding can help out with and the new student organizations that have benefitted our campus. I’ve had first hand experience with helping student organizations make the most of SOC resources and I would like to continue that on a higher level. Although I believe SOC has done great work so far this year, I think it also has room for improvement. 
As SOC Coordinator, I would like to select a more diverse committee, one that is representative of St. Olaf College as a whole. My goal is that when student organizations meet with SOC, they feel their recognition status or funding request is being decided on by students with differing backgrounds and interests. I also want to bring more awareness to organization leaders about the resources SOC has available for them. We’re here to help and I hope to see many new organizations approved and planning activities that will add to all St. Olaf College has to offer.

What qualifications do you bring to this position?
I’m currently the Chief Financial Officer and Data Records Manager for SOC, so I’m very familiar with the processes of how to become an official student organization, request funding, and in general how the committee functions. I’ve worked closely with this year’s SOC coordinator, monitoring our budget to ensure we maximize our funds to help as many organizations as possible. 
As CFO, I have great experience with Lawson, our budget accounting report system, so I have been able to help organization leaders navigate their finances as well as help the committee make informed decisions about funding. As Data Records Manager, I’ve kept organized records of all our funding requests, which has allowed us to accurately track student organizations’ history with SOC, dating back several years. We are also able to see what percentages we are funding and to what type of organizations (Special Interest, Academic, Athletic, etc)
I have really enjoyed getting to know the ins and outs of SOC and I know my experience will serve me well as the SOC Coordinator.