Silas Guelzow & Julia Pritchard

Explain why you are interested in this position:
Based on our combined experiences over the past three years, we believe we have insight into the ways the Pause can be improved to better serve student needs. Both of us enjoy working with people, so we look forward to working with the student body and we know that we are the two students best suited for this position to ensure the Pause continues to run smoothly. One of our goals is to make changes to the physical space in order to make the Pause a more versatile place for students. This includes updating the painting and decor, as well as changing the furniture layout. We also want to update the kitchen menu to bring fun new options for students to eat! Lastly, we would like to work more closely with student organizations to increase programming in the Pause.

What qualifications do you bring to this position?
Silas and Julia have both worked in the Pause since their freshman year. The first two years were in the kitchen, where they learned how to make what is arguably the best pizza in Northfield. This time in the kitchen also exposed them to what goes on behind-the-scenes. During the 2018-2019 school year, both Silas and Julia are serving on the Pause Executive Committee. Silas is a Kitchen Manager, responsible for overseeing daily operations in the Pause kitchen. Julia is the Pause Purchaser, maintaining the inventory for the kitchen and purchasing other necessary items for all branches of the Pause. Additionally, Julia has obtained financial experience through her position that will be directly relevant to the co-coordinator position. During their time as Pause Executives, Julia and Silas have gained first-hand experience problem solving in the Pause to make it a great place to meet up with friends and a great place to work. In their roles, both have established connections with employees in each Pause pride as well as a working relationship with Director of Student Activities, Kris Vatter