Jacqueline Guadalupe Guerrero


Explain why you are interested in this position:

My interest in this position stems from me caring about my peers, and their levels of comfort on St Olaf campus. As a multicultural, first generation student hailing from the impoverished, violence ridden community of West Englewood on the southside of Chicago, a sense of displacement seems to follow me most places I go. I often feel like there is no place for people like me because of several facets of my identity, which I find often intersects with, and stems from my multicultural background. This sense, in my experience, creates feelings of internal dissonance that hinder one’s ability to be at their best. I want to to be multicultural senator not only to ensure that the issues senate speaks to are considerate of the needs of multicultural students, but also because I want to actively participate in making space for people of the multicultural community on St Olaf. I want to serve as a resource for people, reminding them that they belong here just as much as anyone, and ensuring that they succeed during their time here no matter what the circumstances of their identities, and lives are.

What qualifications do you bring to this position?

In terms of skills, and experience, I have dedicated my academic career both on St Olaf campus, and back home in Chicago, to not only making sure that the voices of marginalized groups are heard, but also to encouraging them to step up as leaders. 
A few of my leadership experiences back in Chicago were particularly formative for me. First, I was a part of a student advisory council for the CEO of Chicago Public Schools in order to develop and implement educational policies across the city. Second, I had the opportunity to plan and lead students with the Student Voice and Activism Fellowship as a part of the University of Chicago and Black/Brown Youth Project. And third, I served as a liaison for my student body in local, city and statewide student councils for three years.
At St. Olaf, I’ve remained politically active by being a part of organizations such as the Political Awareness Committee as a financial officer and the Larson Hall council as financial officer. Additionally, I have focused on making space for students of color at St Olaf by joining the International Student Organization as a treasurer focused on local integration and community collaboration, the Viva la VIda public relationships subcommittee, and TRIO ETS mentoring program as a mentor at Washburn high school. I am also an active member of Women for Political Change and Presente.
These experiences aid me, in regards to the Multicultural senator position, by giving me prior experience to working with, and representing students of color specifically, as well as proving my dedication, and responsibility to the multicultural community. Additionally, the hardships I’ve faced, and the experience I’ve accumulated as a Latinx women from the Chicago slums drives me to constantly want to help others in similar situations.