Will Jadkowski


Explain why you are interested in this position:

I’m interested in serving as the Intercampus Liaison because it would give me the opportunity to better promote events and initiatives between St. Olaf and Carleton’s student governments and student bodies. There is a lot of potential for organizations on each campus to collaborate, so I would like to make it easier for them to connect in order to put on larger events and reach more people. If elected, I would help connect the two communities by working with Carleton’s Intercampus Liaison, sending out information on joint efforts, maintaining the email alias of current events at Carleton that St. Olaf students can attend, and assisting interested St. Olaf organizations in collaborating with Carleton organizations.

What qualifications do you bring to this position?

I have extensive experience promoting events through my involvement on the OUTS committee and as editor of the MSCS Mess. I’ve also participated in some events put on by Carleton organizations such as KRLX’s music club mixer. More generally, I want to bring the two campuses closer together and believe that being the liaison would put me in a better position to effect such change.