Chelsey Mbachu


Explain why you are interested in this position:
I have been on the DISC executive board for 2 years and have seen all the behind the scenes of how the branch is run. Now that I have the experience under my belt of being a member I feel like it’s time to be in control of how things are run on the committee. I have put in a lot of my time on this committee and I am very proud of the things we do and would be honored to be at the head of it. I have grown to love DISC and don’t really know what my St. Olaf experience would’ve been without being on this committee. That is why I’m most interested in this position because I can give back to the committee by taking it in directions that I think will really help it’s impact and reach as a committee and help it to be a more stand alone committee.

What qualifications do you bring to this position?
Like stated above, I have been on the committee for 2 years already so I already know the ins and the outs of how it’s run and my experience brings in a necessary component to getting things off to a smooth start at the beginning of next year. DISC has really shaped my outlook on diversity and what it means on a campus like St. Olaf and I think that is another important thing that I bring to the table to take DISC even further in the coming year. I think as a leader I am very open, honest and willing to compromise which I think is very important when it comes to being the coordinator of a committee that is student run. I also am very flexible which, because of the nature of DISC, is an extremely important quality to have. I think I will be a great addition to the DISC executive team.