Melie Ekunno


Explain why you are interested in this position:
I picked BORSC because in my time as a student leader, I have found that many problems exist, and misunderstandings ensue not because the concerned authorities are callous or uninterested in students’ welfare but because many times it’s beyond their power to change things. I hope by being part of BORSC to bye-pass the bureaucracies that serve as inhibitors to the flourishing of the St. Olaf community and to contribute to the welfare of Oles just like me. I will work everyday, to ensure that student concerns are heard and addressed by the people who truly have the power to implement change.

What qualifications do you bring to this position?
This year, I am a student, a senator, a debater, a radio talk show host, a student researcher and I chair a senate sub-committee among other things. I spent all of last year however, listening. Now, I realize that my year of listening was my very first accomplishment as a student leader, as an Ole. Listening to Oles all around me set me up to be the senator I am today, to be able to represent Oles who have invested their confidence in me. Still, it is while being a senator that I have experienced the most growth; by asking difficult questions and in turn receiving difficult answers. Most memorable of all questions I have asked this year – by holding a series of focus groups and preparing and administering surveys – is the question of what it means to be a student senator. I hope to find, in auditing and reevaluating senate and SGA, answers that would not be too difficult to reconcile but would spark growth on The Hill. I have spent the year serving the student body and going forward, I can only do it better.

Emer Kate Sanders


Explain why you are interested in this position:
I have been a member of BORSC for the past two years, serving as Executive Assistant, so BORSC is very near and dear to my Ole experience. I would like to be the BORSC Coordinator to facilitate the representation of student concerns to the Board of Regents. I am passionate about making sure all students have a voice, and I would like to lead and support committee members in their efforts to bring these voices to the Regents. I strongly believe in fostering positive, productive relationships between students, administrators, and Regents, and would like to use this position as a way to serve the Ole community.

What qualifications do you bring to this position?
Through my role as BORSC Executive Assistant , I have experienced how BORSC operates and have witnessed what the duties of the coordinator position entail. As an involved member of BORSC I know firsthand what strategies are effective in soliciting student opinions, as well as what it takes to put together a successful presentation for the Regents. As a Studio Art major, I value open conversation and collaboration across varied interest groups—values which would aid in creating a diverse committee representative of all students.