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Oleville Development Team is for students who are passionate about integrating technology into the St. Olaf student body, and increasing their technical skills. Developers will maintain as well as assist in creating new technologies for SGA and the student body to use. 

The Greater Than Campaign is dedicated to educating students on mental health resources and ending the stigma behind mental illness. We aim to create a positive atmosphere surrounding mental health on campus and in our community

The SGA Taskforce Against Racism is an SGA initiative striving towards demanding institutional change at St. Olaf College, as well as decolonizing its academia and structures, through facilitating transparency, resilience as well as overcoming all forms of racism. Our efforts work towards building an equitable and socially just community alongside working towards systemic changes on our campus.
We are looking for prospective candidates for our 2019-2020 executive team.
We hope to see driven and committed individuals willing to push for socio-political reform at St. Olaf College, join our team for the upcoming school year.

It's On Us is a nationwide campaign and student organization for college campuses that began during the Obama administration. Our goal is to prevent sexual assault and advocate positive consent techniques and general knowledge about what it looks like and means to have consent and to not have consent. 

The Marketing & Communications team is responsible for informing folks about what’s going on within SGA. We’re looking for prospective graphic design, social media, and photography team directors to help create a greater sense of transparency within SGA and a bigger voice and platform for our student orgs and clubs

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