The Diversity Initiatives Support Committee (DISC) stands in solidarity with the Cultural Union for Black Expression (CUBE) and all the BIPOC students on campus who have been marginalized.

The events that occurred on Friday September 4th are unacceptable and the administration has once again showed its incompetency in addressing systemic issues that our BIPOC students face within the St. Olaf community. The administration must be held accountable for their lack of action.

DISC is here. We support you. As a branch of SGA, we are making a commitment to show up for the organizations that fall under DISC; offering our support financially, physically, and, most importantly, emotionally.

We recognize the unwillingness of the St. Olaf Community and, in particular, the St. Olaf Administration, to follow through on their commitment to equity and inclusion.

This is an ongoing fight that we all must engage in if the St. Olaf Comm- unity is truly working in the interest of the marginalized student body.