1. Fill in the DCC Funding Request Form with as much detail as possible.
  2. When completed, send the to the DCC coordinator Krysta Wetzel  ( If necessary, the DCC coordinator will get back to you and ask for some modifications.
  3. When the form has been authorized for consideration in the next DCC meeting, the DCC representatives from your organization will be notified and must come prepared to answer any questions from DCC members and other Reps.
  4. Once the budget has been approved with at least 2/3 the members of in favor, the DCC Financial Officer, Tariro Mwendamberi (, will transfer the funds to the organization account.
  5. After your event, your organization must re-submit the same form with updated information regarding actual spending. This can be done by completing the post-programming form available here.

Please email DCC Coordinator Krysta Wetzel at if you want DCC assistance in filling out these forms. DCC wants this process to be as smooth as possible for you and your organization.