Celebrating our diversity

Diversity Celebrations Committee (DCC) is the SGA branch devoted to promoting and celebrating cultural, ethnic, racial, and gender/sexual diversity on campus. As the umbrella organization for diversity organizations on campus, DCC handles oversight and fund appropriation for entertaining and educational events and celebrations. DCC aims to promote awareness of the diverse cultures, ethnicities, and identities of all students. If you have questions about DCC or are interested in registering your campus diversity organization for membership, please contact our coordinator, Krysta Wetzel (wetzel1@stolaf.edu).

The Latest

DCC Diversity Conference is tomorrow! April 29th, 2016 - DCC’s 2nd annual spring conference is TOMORROW! This year’s them is “Defining Diversity: Examining the Intersectionalities and Deconstructing the ‘Ideal Ole’.” Come join us and your fellow students at 10 AM in Trollhaugen for a faculty-led discussion of the “ideal Ole” at our school and the interaction of different types of identities on campus. Refreshments will be served, so no excuse please! Ain’t nothing like a good strong dose of intersectionality for your Saturday leisure, amirite?
DCC 4/13: What, When, Where, Woohoo April 13th, 2016 - Hey Oles! Here are a few updates from our latest DCC meetings: – Spring Diversity Conference is on April 30th! This year’s theme is “Defining Diversity: Examining Intersectionality and Deconstructing the Ideal Ole” – and it is guaranteed to keep you on your toes! Keep an eye out for our table in front of the Caf and the Cage. – Holi is this Saturday, April 16th! Make the best use of our newly-found sun and join Celebrate South Asia (CSA) in a fun game of...