Team Student Outreach at a Glance

Audrey Hoehner ’23
Fenton Krupp ’24
Modupe Botti ’23
Belky Hernandez ’23
Julia Himmelberger ’22
Phumelele Mncina ’24
Dan Reiter ’23
Providence Diomedi ’23

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Team Administration and Transparency

Bergen Senf ’24
Edwin Le ’21
Logan Graham ’22
Claire Shaw ’21
Guadalupe Guerrero ’21
Claire Wu ’22
Rayan Elani ’24

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2020/21 Coordinator – Fricka Lindemann

I’m the coordinator of this year’s committee, and very excited to realize our plans for the year and make BORSC a resource for the St. Olaf community. Currently, I am a Political Science and Race and Ethnic Studies Major with a concentration in International Relations. In the future, I want to serve people by creating living and community spaces as an urban planner. I’m from Berlin, Germany, where my engagement started at Greenpeace. Then I went to the United World College in Germany, became the leader of the International Student Union at Semester at Sea, and worked full-time at a start-up for half a year before coming to the US. This year, I am a junior and live in the Intersectionality House. I also work for the German Department and the International & Off-Campus Studies Office.