The Board of Regents met for their 2nd out of 3 yearly meetings this past January 31st through February 2nd. The Regents attended committee meetings (academic affairs committee and community life committee to name a couple), and plenaries whose topics ranged from SRAP to the Working Group on Equity and Inclusion’s progress. The Board of Regents Student Committee presented on the topic of Mental Health on the Hill. This topic was chosen based on popular demand and the student body’s concern regarding Boe House’s status especially under SRAP. The committee presented a video that we’ve worked on for a couple of weeks in which students, Boe House Director Steve O’Neil, Greater Than members, and SARN advocates responded to the following questions: What has been your experience using the mental health resources on campus? How important is mental health/the availability of resources to you? What do you think the school is doing well when it comes to mental health? What do you think we can do better?What would you like the Regents to know about Mental Health on campus in general?

The report was generally well received by the Regents who acknowledged the need to allocate more resources and encourage decision making that will accommodate the increase in demand for mental health resources on campus.