We’ve gotten a submission wondering why the link to our form was sent only via the extra email list. Of course, not every member of the St. Olaf student body is on extra. A quick clarification:

Sending out an email through the stolaf-student list requires approvement by the administration. Since we did not want to compromise on the questions we are asking, and getting approval is hard in general, we did not choose that option.

On the first day of classes, posters were hung all over campus directing to our webpage (the one you are currently on) and the “Tell us” – form. We are a part of SGA, so our website is a part of Oleville, which is generally known by students. BORSC’s main problem is that many students don’t know about us yet, so it is likely that most people didn’t notice these posters, either.

At our table, our main activity was to sign people up to our email list in order to receive the link to the form (and more info) later on. You can sign up to the email list here. We also had big posters up with the link to our form, so that anyone walking by could take a picture of the link and look it up later.

Our email on extra also explicitly asked for students to forward the email to whatever email list they would like to share it with. Some people have done that.

We are still building our presence on campus and are working on increasing our reach. Again, please sign up to the email list and share the form to sign up with others so we can increase our reach and are not dependent on extra in the future. Also, follow us on instagram! We welcome any suggestions as well – email us to borsc@stolaf.edu or use the form on the website :)