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Our next presentation to the regents is on October 8th, 2020.

Detailed information coming soon!

About the Board of Regents

Basically, the regents make any major decisions. 
“The Board oversees the college‚Äôs academic quality and fiscal integrity, ensuring the college‚Äôs ability to accomplish its purposes both now and in the future. Key Board responsibilities include appointing and assessing the performance of the college president; approving tenure for faculty members; approving and monitoring the college‚Äôs strategic plan; reviewing and approving the college‚Äôs annual budget and long-term financial plans; assuring the quality, integrity, and sustainability of the college‚Äôs buildings and grounds; and monitoring student outcomes, community well-being, and institutional effectiveness.”

Board of Regents page on the St Olaf Website

There are some subcommittees that report back to the general board. The board also receives reports from the Assessment Committee to get an overview of how the college is doing.
All the details can be found in the bylaws and in the Articles of Incorporation (and we will explain them here soon!)