BORSC Member Application 2020/21

Interested in working on BORSC to let the college's leadership know about the issues the community cares about? Submit your application below!
  • About You

  • Your Motivation

    Let us know why you want to and should be on the committee!
  • We will meet for one hour every week. Other responsibilities include Student Outreach and contact with the Presidential Leadership Team.
  • Demographics and Representation

    As BORSC is representing the student body, the following questions will help to create a balance of members.
  • "Given the representative nature of BORSC, the chair is required to consider the many facets of diversity and multicultural representation in the student body when selecting the committee. The chair shall consider diversity of gender, ethnicity, socio-economic background, religion, sexual orientation, and other such appropriate perspectives when selecting committee members." BORSC Bylaws
  • Contact

    Lastly, let us know how to reach out to you!