About the Group:

This group meets biweekly (every other week) to talk about what proposals the St. Olaf administration has been considering regarding the outsourcing of Boe House. They are currently researching other schools to see best practices, and are doing research into St. Olaf students to see how students would be impacted by outsourcing. Students on this group are there to share student concerns (related to issues like insurance, accessibility, etc.) and relay information back to the student body.

Team Members:

Jan Hanson, Chief Financial Officer 
Steve O’Neill, Boe House Director
Hassel Morrison, VP for Student Life
Roz Eaton, Dean of Students
Ryota Matsuura, Faculty Representative
Sarah Freyermuth, President of SGA
Abbie Haug, Vice President of SGA
Sarah Burt, student
Tahir Ahsan, student
Ricardo Johnson, student

Questions / Concerns

Meeting Minutes