Sayth, a MSP-based rapper came to light up the art barn (with lights, synth beats and introspective futurism) last Friday. The show was bookended with an opening set and encore by Alex Tronson aka MSP-based producer North House, which at the end even got the Pause techs dancing. This was the first of Lair’s small concert series for fall semester and such an awesome way to start the year.



(pictured: North House steaming up the art barn––the pause techs helped create the vibe by setting up some sweet lights)

Eric Wells, aka Sayth, is originally from Eau Claire and plays shows between the cities and Wisconsin frequently, along with his producer friend North House and Baby Blanket––both of whom were at the art barn last Friday.



Sayth and North House just released a new EP called “Body Pillow,” which was released track by track until full copies of the EP were made available for purchase. You can learn more about their collaboration and Body Pillow here, which is decidedly darker than previous Sayth releases.




Sayth Tour
Go see Sayth at honey on 9/29 (next Tuesday)!

Those of you who may have missed the show or arrived at the very [sweaty] end, Sayth and North House are playing in another concert coming up next week at honey, a sweet venue in Northeast Minneapolis (definitely check it out if you get up to the cities sometime. Their main thing is music with low cover, small bites, and sweet drinks–perfect date night/friend outing. This is a 21+ event).

Interested in more MEC events? We’ve got some BIG IDEAS––we’ll be having more concerts in the art barn, the lair, and around campus this year! Stay tuned for more programming and exciting events, we’ll have updates rolling in throughout the year via Facebook, Oleville and the campus crier.