SGA Exec possition
After Dark Committee Coordinator

What have you been doing over the summer?
I’ve been interning at a pharmaceutical company this summer and its been a very interesting experience. I never knew anything about pharmaceuticals before this summer and its been fun to learn. I’m also doing research doing research at Hennepin County Medical Center about brain trauma, which is something I hope to continue doing as this year progresses.

Why are you excited about your position & what do you hope to accomplish this year in that role?
I’m just excited to see all the cool new events that ADC will host this upcoming year. I love how we try to different and unique as possible with our events. I hope that ADC as a branch can become stronger and more consistent with their programming. We want to broaden our horizons of our events and make sure we program events that all Oles can attend. We have a great committee this year who are very enthusiastic about programming and we can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us.

What have you missed the most while being off the hill this summer?
Being able to see most of my friends who I would normally see on a regular bases on campus. It’s hard knowing that some of them will be going abroad this fall so I won’t get a chance to see them until next spring. But I’m excited to get back on campus and get all this started again. I have also missed getting a cookies and cream ice cream shake with cold press in it!