Hey Oles!

My name is Tim Bergeland, and I am the Executive Assistant for this coming year! Before I begin, I have to say that there is honestly SO much I’d like to write here! I love SGA, and I am so excited to work with you all next year to make the Ole experience the best it can be.

This summer has been a blast for me! After spending a week at home with my family, I’ve been busy giving tours to prospective students and doing other work at the St. Olaf Admissions Office! The funniest tour moment I’ve had was definitely while showing a classroom in Regents. To show the family the whiteboard walls, I accidentally drew a mark on the front wall (not actually a white board) instead of the side walls (which are whiteboards). When I went to erase the squiggle I had made and it didn’t come off, the family I was touring couldn’t help but chuckle at the “lasting mark” I left on campus! In all seriousness though, my favorite part of the job has definitely been bonding with the other 15 student workers. Though we are a pretty eclectic bunch in terms of personality and academic interests, we share a love for helping prospective Oles during the exciting yet daunting college-search process!

While I’m not in the Admissions Office this summer, you’ll likely find me playing soccer, binge-watching Orange is the New Black (anyone else???), or doing Executive Assistant work for SGA. As Executive Assistant, I will oversee the official documents of SGA. My specific duties include taking minutes at Senate meetings, distributing these minutes to interested and/or relevant parties, maintaining the SGA Policy Manual and Bylaws, and completing other administrative tasks for the Admin team!

Next year, I am looking forward to greater student body involvement in student governance processes. I deeply value the strong sense of community we share among us, and I believe that SGA can be a space we use to engage in meaningful dialogue about changes we’d like to see on campus. Please stop by the Office of Student Activities and/or the Oleville Talkbox with all of your thoughts. When you make your voice heard, you make campus a better place! It’s that simple.

Can’t wait to see you all soon!