What could be better than a group of good looking girls from Madrid, who pose an “I don’t care about anything but I’m still gonna have fun” attitude? The answer is not much. This girl-power garage rock band called HINDS (not like the ketchup) creates a laid back, lackadaisical sound with their off-tuned grungy guitar riffs and their anthem-chant vocals, and boy does it work. Previously named “Deer”, the group added two new members and became HINDS in 2014. Just getting the band on its feet, HINDS has only released demos and singles but are working on their debut album and have attracted attention as a promising new band from Pitchfork, and NME.

HINDS recently released the first track from their upcoming album “LEAVE ME ALONE”, due to come out in January. “Garden”, the album opener, sets the listener up with a classic garage rock sound reminiscent of the White Stripes mixed with Mac DeMarco. HINDS writes about “Garden”: “do you know when musicians say they hate their songs? We don’t know if that’s true, we only know it’s not in our case.. ’cause we fucking love this song”. The triumphant melody of the song offsets the frustration of a failed relationship conveyed in the lyrics. But HINDS makes light of less-than happy topics, placing upbeat, “I’ve already gotten over it” melodies to lyrics about the hardships of love (take that, Adele).

Another previously released song “Chili Town” will also be featured on the coming album. This ditty is a feel-good, sunny day anthem that tells the listener a story of sweet revenge and a no-rules attitude. The “Chili Town” music video depicts the members of HINDS stomping around a skate-park with vending machine snacks and a presence like they own the place. A mixture of face making, food throwing, and even nose-picking make HINDS the epitome of “I don’t give a f *$%”, and the members still manage to look beyond cute. If you’re into having fun and you’re so over life, check out their music video and stay tuned for the soon-to-come album.


HINDS Website: http://www.hindsband.com/index.html

Listen to “Garden”: https://soundcloud.com/hindsband/garden

Watch the “Chili Town” music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdHVboNNkAo