Hello St. Olaf! So, while we all know how much you enjoy our weekly blog posts, we have something very new and exciting for you: WEEKLY PLAYLISTS! For every week of this semester, a lovely member of our committee will be curating a playlist that drops EVERY FRIDAY. Brought to you just in time for the weekend!

ALSO, SIDE NOTE!¬†Next week we have something extra special for you all: 2 PLAYLISTS! In addition to dropping a wonderful¬†MEC-curated¬†playlist, such as SUMNER PITT’s playlist¬†titled MUSIC FOR AIRPLANES, we will also be dropping a playlist to celebrate our Spring Concert artist VIC MENSA! So, once you’ve thoroughly enjoyed this weekend’s MEC-curated playlist, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our Vic Mensa-dedicated playlist titled VIC MENSA & FRIENDS (DROPPING NEXT MONDAY¬†4/4).

But, without further delay, keep reading to hear what Sumner Pitt has to say about his SPECTACULAR playlist MUSIC FOR AIRPLANES!

Brian Eno released his landmark album “Music For Airports” in 1978. He specifically created the soundscapes to ease the tense and stressful environment of airports. But what about your actual flight? What will you ever listen to? Fortunately, “Sumner Pitt’s Music for Airplanes” is a cohesive blend of songs designed to be listened to repeatedly while in the air. Feel inner peace in a metal tube with wings 10,000 feet in the air with these 10 groovy tracks. These songs were definitely chosen by their altitude/meditative relationship and not by title.

Sumner Pitt

You can find Sumner’s¬†playlist MUSIC FOR AIRPLANES¬†and other playlists on our Oleville, Facebook, and on our newly created Spotify page at https://open.spotify.com/user/st.olafcollegemec!