At the 12/1/15 Senate Meeting, Senators first heard from Leslie Moore, who discussed the importance of networking, and the Piper Center’s desires to improve its international engagement, networking support for non-pre-professional students, and use of office space. She also sought the Senate’s feedback on the Piper Center’s work. Next, Mazen AbuSharkh informed the Senate on the Pause’ financial operations. It is important to note that the Pause’ business work is extremely complex, and one long-term expense they are planning for is the imminent breaking of the pizza oven, which is a $50,000 expense. Finally, Senator Nevin initiated discussion on a potential change to the residence policy. Nevin’s plan seeks to challenge barriers between students from different class-years by not under-privileging roommate groupings that involve students from mixed class-years.

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The meeting’s minutes can be found here.