This Tuesday (4/5/16), the senate had the pleasure of hearing from two speakers. First, representatives from the TRIO SSS (Student Support Services) spoke about the program’s success at St. Olaf. By providing educational access and support for many students from disadvantaged backgrounds, TRIO has had a large influence on campuses across the nation. However, funding cuts to the program are jeopardizing educational support for TRIO students. Next, Jackie Molina addressed the senate with solutions towards issues of racial discrimination on the St. Olaf campus. Some of her solutions, organized in a petition format, included re-opening the position for Multicultural Admissions Counselor, organizing professional development regarding racism in the classroom for all faculty and staff members, making more transparent and clear the college’s policies on racial discrimination/racism, creating an online module for students regarding “discussions with diverse others,” including CMIE programming that is necessary for MCD/MCG students to attend (similar to Wellness Swiped Events for the SPM credit), increasing funding and reviewing bylaws for DCC.

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The meeting’s minutes can be found here.