This past Tuesday (4/26/16), the senate first heard from Senator Andrew Parr (the Curriculum Committee Senator) about the process of how a course proposal becomes a course. Parr emphasized the several, deliberate steps that a course proposal must pass through: from an initial idea, to a written proposal, to a theoretical review by the department chair and/or faculty dean, to approval by the curriculum committee at-large, and ultimately, to the approval of the full faculty. Parr also noted that the attachment of a GE onto a course can make for an especially contentious discussion. Next, the senate approved capital improvements funding for OSA Office Renovations (specifically for a student lounge area) as well as for a tiller for St. Olaf’s STOGrow club! After this, the senate discussed a proposal to remove The Quarry from the Board of Student Media (currently composed of KSTO, The Mess, and The Quarry). This was contentious as, though The Quarry opposes this change, some senators held that it would actually allow The Quarry to expand financially (through SOC funding) and would make them more consistent with the funding situations for other organizations. Other senators claimed that The Quarry is better served as a constituent part of the Board of Student Media given that The Quarry relies on stipends for funding. This proposal will be voted on next Tuesday!

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The meeting’s minutes can be found here.