Hey Oles,

My name is Ross Nevin and I will be coordinating the After Dark Committee this year. I can’t wait to have you all come party with us! This summer I’ve returned to my home I’m Milwaukee, mainly to work at an awesome farm-to-fork restaurant. I’ve also been exploring how the world outside of St. Olaf likes to spend their nights through going to the things like the Eaux Claires music festival.

I’m excited to continue our classic events while also continuing to create new and innovative events that students have never seen before. With ADC this year I want to increase the breadth of our events. This means both the content of our events and the locations. In the first 2 months we will have events ranging from wild dance parties in the Pause, to astrophotography at STOGROW, to showing the Rocky Horror Picture Show. We want to make every event something unique and something that you’ll want to go tell your friends about! If you have any ideas for an awesome event come by the SGA office or let me know at nevinr@stolaf.edu!