The Board of Regents Student Committee (BORSC) is excited to announce the first annual Regent’s video contest, a project titled #MyStOlaf. As part of the college’s Student Government Association (SGA), BORSC has always sought to better serve our students. Its normal role is preparing reports or discussions on student life for the Board of Regents.

However, this winter, the Board of Regents had something different in mind. When they proposed an entirely student-created video collaboration, BORSC was intrigued. The possibility of drawing stories and experiences from the entire student body would fulfill our exact mission. Additionally, by offering prize money, the Board of Regents hoped to incentivize a wide variety of students to share their experiences. In place of a more refined, professionally-produced video, the Board of Regents wants to see something that reflects how students view their own lives.

One of BORSC’s primary goals is to create transparency between the Board of Regents and the students of St. Olaf. The #MyStOlaf video contest is an attempt to allow students to share any experience they desire. Once all the video submissions are received, students can start voting on their favorites, which will determine who receives the cash prize for each category.

The final product, a compilation of select videos from each category, will be presented to the Board of Regents. Additionally, BORSC coordinator Evan Davis will be at their meeting to debrief them on all the other submissions, ensuring no student voice is left out.

#MyStOlaf has the potential to be a powerful tool for sharing student experiences and voices. The best part is that every video tells a story, no matter how silly or serious it may be. If you’re interested in submitting a video and sharing your experience, start preparing now. The submission period is January 5-16th, and will be followed by a week of open voting on Oleville.

Want to learn more about how to submit? Visit #MyStOlaf on Oleville.