Increasingly the term PC Music is dropped in conversation¬†as a scene or a subgenre.¬†Maybe, but it’s technically a music label begun by A.G. Cook in London 2013. Cook’s eclectic group of musicians created a unique sound that has skyrocketed in popularity during the past two years, especially after Pitchfork ranked SOPHIE’s “Bipp” as the 17th best¬†track of 2013, A.G. Cook’s “Beautiful” as the 30th best track of 2014, SOPHIE’s double-sided single “Lemonade” and “Hard” as the 21st best track of 2014, and QT’s “Hey QT” as the 14th best track of 2014.¬†The genre’s candy cuteness has drawn many comparisons to the¬†Japanese¬†concept of¬†kawaii¬†(likely in reaction to the dark-leaning tendencies that have dominated underground electronic music in the past decades),¬†but also exhibits some of America’s curiosity with the 1990s.¬†It’s not totally clear how many artists are on the label, but some notables include QT (above), Hannah Diamond, Princess Bambi, and GFOTY. SOPHIE (below) is independent from the label but he has done several collaborations with A.G. Cook and stands in as a sort of honorary member of the label.