President’s Ball 2016 is fast approaching, so shine your shoes and dust off your swanky attire! Getting excited and wanna know a bit more about what to expect at this year’s President’s Ball? Well lucky you! We sat down and got a bit more detail from President’s Ball Committee chair, Emily Oberto (’18).

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you are involved with President’s Ball! My name is Emily Oberto and I am the chair of the President’s Ball Committee this year! Or presballco, as we call it. I got involved through Student Activities Committee, which is another awesome group on campus.

What can you give away about this year President’s Ball plans? This year you can look forward to a lot of the same elements as years before: great music, delicious food, and a photo booth! But I can promise that there will be a little something for everyone. 🙂

What has been your favorite part of the President’s Ball planning process? While I love planning events, the best part about this process has been working with the members of this committee (aka presballco). Everyone is so full of ideas, hard working, and genuinely fun to be around – the true MVPs behind the event.

For people who have never attended President’s Ball, what should they expect? What should they wear? What should they bring? What/Who are you wearing 😉 You’re in for a treat! This is your opportunity to dress-up for a dance; think prom, and then forget that. You’ll see a variety of looks but we tend to keep it “formal” while dance-able since it features ballroom and swing music. No need to bring anything extra – just you and your friends! I’ll be there wearing some dress I pull out of my closet and comfy shoes. 🙂

Demystify some PresBall myths for first-time attendees: 

  • I have to have a date to attend President’s Ball.

You do not need a date to attend President’s Ball! Going with your friends can be even more fun, you all can be goofy together!

  • I have to buy a ticket to President’s Ball.

There are no tickets for the Ball – it’s free!

  • I have to know how to dance to attend President’s Ball.

Luckily, none of us need to know how to dance in order to attend the Ball. However, Ballroom Club will help you out if you’re interested. Members will be giving dance lessons prior to the dance, otherwise, follow someone near you on the dance floor and have fun! (Hint: throw a spin into your moves, you instantly look fancier).