Pocket Vinyl might very well be my favorite band to have existed anywhere, ever, in the history of anything.

I had the honor of meeting and witnessing in action the artistic power couple that is Eric Stevenson and Elizabeth Jancewicz, founding members of Pocket Vinyl, about a year ago. They played for a cozy crowd at the local music venue of my hometown, and after their performance they stayed and talked to some rando introverted high school senior (me) for a while. They told stories of their experiences touring and meeting people. Pondered if anything happens after death and if so, what the hell it would be like.

When on tour, Pocket Vinyl has a pretty simple setup. Eric plays piano and sings. And by “sings,” I mean he tears his heart out with lyrical intensity, wears it on his sleeve and on the surface of the piano keys. Elizabeth paints a legit masterpiece during the set, her strokes a metronome of visual art.

Pocket Vinyl has released four full length albums since 2010 (my favorite is Death Anxiety) and A LOT of cool singles and 7”s. Last year they released Tin, which they consider their best work yet.

Pocket Vinyl is coming to St. Olaf this Sunday, all the way from their home state of Connecticut. The show is at 8pm in the Lair, and it will most definitely be at least a little rad. Plus it’s free, and campus talent Single or Married opens.

Find Death Anxiety here: pocketvinyl.bandcamp.com/album/death-anxiety-3rd-full-length-album

Find Tin here: pocketvinyl.bandcamp.com/album/tin-4th-full-length-album