Hi Oles!

I’m Nick Nooney, and I’m the SGA Webmaster for the upcoming year. That means that everything that you see here on Oleville is my responsibility. If you have any feedback or ideas, please let me know! I want to make Oleville an awesome experience for the St. Olaf Student Body.

This summer I completed CURI research here at St. Olaf, where we were researching methods of teaching mathematics without using numbers. It was very interesting, and ask me more about it if you want to learn more. I also worked in the Media Lab here in IT, where I worked on data visualization projects and got to fly a drone. And of course, my summer is not complete without playing loads of volleyball, which in my opinion is the hands-down best sport in the world. I traveled to Chicago to play beach volleyball with my friend Erik, and had an absolute blast. I’ve also been playing a lot of volleyball here in the cities, and if you ever want to play, just let me know. Speaking of volleyball, I am currently working with the St. Olaf Women’s Varsity Volleyball team as a manager. Come to their home games this year, and you’ll find me with the team cheering them on!

Have a great rest of the summer, and I can’t wait to see all of you back here on the hill!
Nick Nooney