An indie-folk act from Richmond, Virginia, Luray brings to us a hazy, low-fi single off of their upcoming album due to be released in 2016. “Sandcastle Man”, according to lead singer Shannon Carey, is based upon a South African folk melody, and reinterpreted with banjo and mbira. Carey’s vocals soar and caress the eclectic range of sounds heard in the tune, making it the perfect rainy day song; the plunking of the different strings and keys onomatopoetically mimicking the slow, melodious falling of rain.

Luray’s first release, The Wilder (produced by S.Carey of Bon Iver), was a soulfully breathy album with many of the same haunting lyrical sounds found in their newest project. However, there’s instrumental depth in “Sandcastle Man” that rivals that in The Wilder. It’s not a better sound, but a more explorative and stripped down sound that seems to have the potential for bigger and better things.

Fall is a time for reflection and introspection. As we head deeper into the season, as animals hibernate and plants frost over, music that brings a melancholy peace to us is important. Luray brings a little calm to the stressful times, and forces the listener to slow down and just listen. Says Carey, “When I play this song live, I feel a sense of calm, and my banjo playing just falls into the repetitive and river-like quality of the tune. We like to end our sets with ‘Sandcastle Man’ when the mood is right, and leave the audience with the feeling that all is right with the world.”

“You’ve gotta find your way back home…” croons Carey in the last line. This song helps us do just that.

Single premiered at The Bluegrass Situation here:

Release date for the single: November 17
Release date for album: 2016